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Mission: To strengthen and inspire leaders of the social sector and their partners in business and government.


These Workbooks are designed to complement certain Institute videos or books.  Used in conjunction, these tools help you get the most out of your growth experience.

Leading in a Time of Change

The companion workbook to the video serves as a fundamental resource for planning and implementing changes within your organization. Workbook topic areas include

  • Anticipating Change;
  • Creating Receptivity to Change;
  • Innovation vs. Problem-Solving;
  • Seeing Change as Opportunity;
  • Preserving Trust; and more.

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Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership

Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership presents three separate modules that can be used independently or sequentially to help nonprofit boards and staff strengthen leadership throughout the organization.

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Lessons in Leadership

The workbook, along with the accompanying video, will help participants understand key aspects of leadership, including how effective leaders:

  • Set standards and personal examples
  • Stay task-focused and team-focused
  • Encourage creative dissent to strengthen decision making
  • Manage change while preserving and enriching the mission
  • Find the right people for the right job

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