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Leading in a Time of Change: What it Will Take to Lead Tomorrow

by Peter F. Drucker and Peter M. Senge

Video Training Package
This video lets you sit at the table with the visionary leaders setting the agenda for organizational leadership and change.

The Leader to Leader Institute presents a conversation between Peter F. Drucker and Peter M. Senge, hosted by Frances Hesselbein. In this dynamic package -- which includes a video and companion workbook -- these two great minds of modern management share their wisdom on how leaders can prepare themselves and their organizations for the inevitable changes that lie ahead.

Using the principles presented in this video, learn how to transform your organization into a change leader.
Conversation Video
In their discussion, Drucker and Senge reveal how you can:

* Develop systematic methods to look for and anticipate change;
* Focus on and invest in opportunities rather than problems;
* Abandon outlived products and services;
* Balance change and continuity; and
* Motivate and retain top performers and create a positive change mind-set among employees.

Companion workbook
The companion workbook serves as a fundamental resource for planning and implementing changes within your organization. Workbook topic areas include

* Anticipating Change;
* Creating Receptivity to Change;
* Innovation vs. Problem-Solving;
* Seeing Change as Opportunity;
* Preserving Trust; and more.

This extraordinary package is an ideal tool for personal leadership development, executive retreats, or management training.
Package contains:
42-minute Video
Viewer's Workbook
Facilitator's Notes card

Leading in a Time of Change: What it Will Take to Lead Tomorrow
John Wiley & Sons , 2001
ISBN: 0787956031

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