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Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership

by Peter F. Drucker, Max De Pree, Frances Hesselbein

Three video programs from the most respected and revered names in leadership.

Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership presents three separate modules that can be used independently or sequentially to help nonprofit boards and staff strengthen leadership throughout the organization. The video contains three twenty-minute programs:

1. Lessons in Leadership with Peter Drucker;
2. Identifying the Needs of Followers, with Max De Pree and Michele Hunt; and
3. Leading Through Mission, with Frances Hesselbein.

The video comes with one Facilitator Guide, which contains complete instructions for leading all three programs, and one participant Workbook, which is designed to help participants deepen and enrich the learning experience. Additional workbooks are available. Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership has been designed to be a flexible resource that can be used for a variety of objectives at different organizational levels.

For boards, Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership can help:

* Demonstrate the critical role mission plays in leading a nonprofit and strengthen board members' commitment to your mission
* Strengthen the board-CEO partnership
* Build team spirit on the board
* Create a sense of organizational ownership

For staff, Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership can be used to:

* Strengthen leadership skills of all managers
* Provide an orientation for new managers
* Emphasize the importance of managing for the mission
* Offer opportunities for self-reflection and professional growth
* Inspire organizational loyalty and top performance

Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership
Jossey-Bass , 1998
ISBN: 0787944963

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