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Mission: To strengthen and inspire leaders of the social sector and their partners in business and government.

Investment in America

The Investment in America Program (IAP) brings together leaders from the private, public and social sectors, to share knowledge and experience in developing values-based, ethically-driven leadership.


Linda Barrington, Research Director and Labor Economist of The Conference Board, discussing workforce preparedness at the 2006 Investment in America Forum.

IAP is comprised of twoprograms: the Generals inTransition Program and The Investment in America Forum which are describedbelow. Both are dedicated tostrengthening America by connecting senior leaders in all three sectors.

Generals in Transition Program

The Generals inTransition Program encourages United States Army General Officers to considerpost-military careers in the Social Sector. Whether serving as a superintendent of a large public school system or as a Board member of a small nonprofit, transitioning generals can strengthen leadership in the social sector with their significant leadership background and diverse technical skills.

Through  quarterly meetings including access to professional networks, transition resources, and cross-sector collaborations, IAP works to make the pathway easier for generals to transition into the social sector. At each meeting, Leader toLeader convenes a panel of experts including current Social Sectorexecutives, a representative from one of the nations top executive search firmsand General Officers who have made this transition.  Each shares their unique perspective, advice and counsel.


Investment in America Forum (IAF)

The purpose of theInvestment in America Forum (IAF) is to promote cross-sector leadership dialogue andexamine mutual challenges facing all three sectors and the nation. The Conference Board, the U.S. Army, and the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute jointly host the IAF ? an invitation-only two-day summit held annually at The United States MilitaryAcademy at West Point.

The objective of the forum is to gather a small, select group of leaders (CEOs and Presidents) from the public, private, and social sectors to examine mutual challenges facing all three sectors and the nation. IAF brings togetherten Army General Officers, ten corporate CEOs and ten Social Sector CEOs whowork collaboratively on solutions to some of the most pressing issues facingAmerica.

Please view our summary reports in PDF format detailing the sessions of our previous IAF?s:




Lieutenant General Mike Rochelle, Deputy Chief of Staff G-1, United States Army, speaking at the 2006 Investment in America Forum, titled "The Nation's Challenge: Creating a Culture of Service."

General David Petraeus and General Benjamin Griffin have presented their leadership experience at IAP events.

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