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Lessons in Leadership

by Peter F. Drucker

Over the span of his 60 year career, Peter F. Drucker has worked with many exemplary leaders in the nonprofit sector, government, and business. In the course of his work, he has observed these leaders closely and learned from them the attributes of effective leadership. In this video, Drucker presents inspirational portraits of five outstanding leaders, showing how each brought different strengths to the task, and shares the lessons we can learn from their approaches to leadership. This package will help participants understand key aspects of leadership, including how effective leaders:

* Set standards and personal examples
* Stay task-focused and team-focused
* Encourage creative dissent to strengthen decision making
* Manage change while preserving and enriching the mission
* Find the right people for the right job

Drucker's insights and the accompanying workbook exercises will help participants identify which methods work best for them and how to recognize their own particular strengths in leadership.

Lessons in Leadership
Jossey-Bass , 1998
ISBN: 0787944971

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