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The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool: Process Guide

by Gary J. Stern

The Five Most Important Questions puts Drucker’s invaluable management expertise into your hands, and gives you the means to focus his wisdom directly on your organization and its special needs.

The Process Guide lays out the three phases of a full Self-Assessment process and gives step-by-step guidance. Also: sample reports and customer surveys, retreat and meeting agendas, sample completed plan, practical facilitation techniques, and a method for developing or changing a mission statement.

The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool: Process Guide
Jossey-Bass , 1998
ISBN: 078794436X

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Foreword: An Adventure in Organizational Self-Discovery
Frances Hesselbein

PART ONE: The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Process
Introduction by Peter F. Drucker
Definition of Terms
Governance and Management in Self-Assessment
The Self-Assessment Process

PART TWO: Step-by-Step Guidelines for Self-Assessment

Phase 1 Preparing for Self-Assessment
Step 1 Gain Commitment from the Board and Management
Step 2 Determine Participants and Process Design
Step 3 Form the Assessment Team
Step 4 Select a Facilitator and a Writer
Step 5 Announce the Process, Invite Participation, and Confirm Key Dates
Step 6 Conduct an Environmental Scan and Gather Internal Data

Phase 2 Conducting the Self-Assessment Process
Step 1 Orient Participants; Distribute Internal Data, Environmental Scan Summary report, and the Participant Workbook
Step 2 Hold Group Discussion on the First Three Drucker Questions or Hold a Group Retreat
Step 3 Conduct Customer Research and Depth Interviews
Step 4 Hold Group Discussions on the Fourth and Fifth Drucker Questions
Step 5 Prepare and Distribute Final Report

Phase 3 Completing the Plan
Step 1 Revise the Mission (If Needed); Confirm Goals and Results
Step 2 Develop Objectives, Action Steps, and Budget [Management]
Step 3 Prepare the Plan for Presentation to the Board
Step 4 Present the Mission, Goals, and Supporting Budget for Board Approval
Step 5 Distribute the Plan; Confirm Responsibilities and Dates for Initial Appraisal

PART THREE: Resources for Self-Assessment

1 Uses of the Drucker Self-Assessment Tool: Four Examples
2 Effective Facilitation
3 How to Develop a Mission Statement
4 Sample Plans
5 Recommended Reading

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