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The Organization of the Future

by Frances Hesselbein, Marshall Goldsmith, Richard Beckhard

The Organization of the Future, the second volume in the Drucker Foundation Future Series, gathers 49 authors in 40 easily accessible chapters on the shape and mission of tomorrow's organization. Opening with an introduction by Peter F. Drucker, and closing with a chapter by Charles Handy, the book presents a constellation of wise, insightful leaders from business, academia, and nonprofit organizations. Read Wellesley College President Diana Chapman Walsh on Cultivating Inner Resources for Leadership, Nathaniel Branden on Self-Esteem in the Information Age, and Hewlett-Packard CEO Lewis Platt on Employee Work-Life Balance: The Competitive Advantage. Authors of Reengineering, James Champy and Michael Hammer, each contribute a chapter. Roosevelt Thomas contributes Diversity and Organizations of the Future, futurist Joel Barker writes on the Mondragon Model, and author Rosabeth Moss Kanter presentsRestoring People to the Heart of the Organization of the Future.
The Organization of the Future
Jossey-Bass , 2000
ISBN: 0787952036

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