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On High Performance Organizations

by Frances Hesselbein, Rob Johnston

On High Performance Organizations presents the best leadership thinking on creating strategic advantage and passion driven organizations. Part of the Leader to Leader Guides, which offer a wellspring of rich insight and information from top leadership thinkers, it provides readers with the tools for helping their organizations excel in effectiveness, sustaining growth, and strategy.

Drawn from the award-wining journal, Leader to Leader, On High Performance Organizations brings together Karl Weick, Frances Hesselbein, Scott Adams, Philip Kotler, James O'Toole and other thought leaders to offer practical guidance for those who seek to lead their organizations to high performance. This essential volume offers leaders a roadmap for organizational success by revealing how leaders employ people with a diversity of experience and opinion, support efforts to anticipate and embrace change, build productive work communities, and disperse leadership responsibility.

Each of the four volumes in the Leader to Leader Guides -- On Mission and Leadership, On Leading Change, On High Performance Organizations, and On Creativity, Innovation, and Renewal -- is organized around an essential topic with a diversity of views presented in clear, short chapters. These essential collections provide leaders with insight and inspiration to take their organizations to new levels of excellence.

On High Performance Organizations
Jossey-Bass , 2002
ISBN: 0787960691

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[1] "Putting One's House in Order," Frances Hesselbein
[2] "High Reliability: The Power of Mindfulness," Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe, with David Obstfeld
[3] "The Marketing of Leadership," Philip Kotler
[4] "The View from a Cubicle," interview with Scott Adams
[5] "Economically Correct Leadership," James O'Toole, Bruce Pasternack, and Jeffrey W. Bennett
[6] "Principles for Partnership," James E. Austin
[7] "Laws of the Jungle and the New Laws of Business," Richard Tanner Pascale
[8] "Better Than Plan: Managing Beyond the Budget," Douglas K. Smith
[9] "An Alternative to Hierarchy," Gifford Pinchot
[10] "A Passion for the Business," interview with Jacques Nasser
[11] "Strategic Generosity," Leonard L. Berry
[12] "Creating Your Next Business Model," Adrian Slywotzky
[13] "Leadership in a Virtual World," Deborah L. Duarte and Nancy Tennant Snyder

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