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On Mission and Leadership

by Frances Hesselbein, Rob Johnston

On Mission and Leadership explores the vital role of mission in defining and sustaining leadership. Part of the Leader to Leader Guides, which offer a wellspring of rich insight and information from top leadership thinkers, it presents the best thinking on inspired leadership, vision, and mission-focused management.

Drawn from Leader to Leader, the award-wining journal, On Mission and Leadership brings together Warren Bennis, Anita Roddick, Daniel Goleman, Patrick Lencioni, Dee Hock and other thought leaders to offer guidance and insight for those who seek to lead their organizations with a strong sense of purpose. The contributors reveal how an effective organization is built around an enterprise's fundamental mission -- its reason for being. They show how successful leaders mobilize around and communicate mission at all times, and they demonstrate how these leaders embody the values and character the organization needs to succeed. Readers will learn how to build community within their organizations and how to define the organization's role in the greater community beyond the walls.

Each of the four volumes in the Leader to Leader Guides -- On Mission and Leadership, On Leading Change, On High Performance Organizations, and On Creativity, Innovation, and Renewal -- is organized around an essential topic with a diversity of views presented in clear, short chapters. These essential collections provide leaders with insight and inspiration to take their organizations to new levels of excellence.

On Mission and Leadership
Jossey-Bass , 2002
ISBN: 0787960683

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1] "Speaking a Common Language," Frances Hesselbein
[2] "The Leadership Advantage," Warren Bennis
[3] "Leader as Social Advocate: Building the Business by Building Community," interview with Anita Roddick
[4] "The Emotional Intelligence of Leaders," Daniel Goleman
[5] "The Trouble with Humility," Patrick Lencioni
[6] "Mission as an Organizing Principle," C. William Pollard
[7] "The Art of Chaordic Leadership," Dee Hock
[8] "Managing Quietly," Henry Mintzberg
[9] "Maintaining a Mission: Lessons from the Marketplace," David M. Lawrence, M.D.
[10] "Closing the Strategic Generation Gap," a conversation with Christopher Bartlett
[11] Building Your Leadership Brand," Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Jack Zenger
[12] Why Vision Matters, Robert Knowling

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