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On Leading Change

by Frances Hesselbein, Rob Johnston

On Leading Change explores the complex challenges of shepherding organizations through change. Part of the Leader to Leader Guides, which offer a wellspring of rich insight and information from top leadership thinkers, it provides readers with key strategies for change, sustaining growth, and leading transition.

On Leading Change brings together Peter F. Drucker, Peter M. Senge, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Frances Hesselbein, William Bridges, and other thought leaders to offer practical guidance for those who seek to lead their organizations through the challenges of transformation. Readers will learn from successful leaders how to encourage their organizations to question, innovate, experiment, and learn from their mistakes. Throughout the book expert contributors show how to prepare for change, seek new perspectives, and broaden participation throughout an organization.

Each of the four volumes in the Leader to Leader Guides -- On Mission and Leadership, On Leading Change, On High Performance Organizations, and On Creativity, Innovation, and Renewal -- is organized around an essential topic with a diversity of views presented in clear, short chapters. These essential collections provide leaders with insight and inspiration to take their organizations to new levels of excellence.

On Leading Change
Jossey-Bass , 2002
ISBN: 0787960705

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[1] "The Key to Cultural Transformation," Frances Hesselbein
[2] "Strategies for Change Leaders," conversation between Peter F. Drucker and Peter M. Senge
[3] "Lessons for Change Leaders," Peter M. Senge
[4] "Leading Transition: A New Model for Change," William Bridges and Susan Mitchell
[5] "The Enduring Skills of Change Leaders," Rosabeth Moss Kanter
[6] "Managing Segment Zero," Andrew S. Grove
[7] "Management by Commitments," Donald N. Sull
[8] "The Age of Connective Leadership," Jean Lipman-Blumen
[9] "Sustaining Growth: The Business of Leaders," interview with William C. Steere, Jr.
[10] "Reinventing Management Development," Mark C. Maletz and Jon R. Katzenbach
[11] "The New Age of Persuasion," Jay Conger
[12] "How to Lower the Risk in CEO Succession," Ram Charan

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