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Leading Organizational Learning: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge

by Marshall Goldsmith, Howard Morgan, Alexander J. Ogg

Peter Drucker has defined innovation as "change that creates a new dimension of performance." In today's turbulent times, bringing about such change is one of the greatest challenges leaders face. This book is about what leaders can do to help their people and their organizations achieve this new dimension of performance.

As many of our authors note, innovation does not occur without significant challenge. Many people prefer to do things the way they have always done them, and change is not welcomed. Many innovations will fail; however, all agree that being open to innovative ideas, approaches, and systems is imperative if we are to survive both personally and professionally in today's fast-changing world. This book is for those leaders who will be successful in shaping the future because they are open to new ideas, new approaches, and new mind-sets.
To help today's leaders understand leading for innovation, we have gathered the top authors, practitioners, consultants, researchers, and thought leaders. Each author offers a unique viewpoint about the leadership of innovation. Some chapters explore the past; others cite current trends and theorize about the future. This combination presents an array of insight and knowledge for today's leaders. We hope that Leading for Innovation will inspire you, our reader, to make the changes that can make your world a better place.

Leading Organizational Learning: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge
Jossey-Bass , 2004
ISBN: 0787974625

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Foreword, Niall FitzGerald
Foreword, Frances Hesselbein
Part One: Challenges and Dilemmas
[1] Why Aren't Those Specials Selling Today? (Elliott Masie)
[2] Five Dilemmas of Knowledge Management (Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner)
[3] Effectively Influencing Up: Ensuring That Your Knowledge Makes a Difference (Marshall Goldsmith)
[4] Where "Managing Knowledge" Goes Wrong and What to Do Instead (Niko Canner and Jon R. Katzenbach)
[5] Knowledge Management Involves Neither Knowledge nor Management (Marc S. Effron)
Part Two: Processes That Work
[6] 6. The Real Work of Knowledge Management (Margaret J. Wheatley)
[7] Tangling with Learning Intangibles (Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood)
[8] When Transferring Trapped Corporate Knowledge to Suppliers Is a Winning Strategy (Larraine Segil)
[9] Informal Learning: Developing a Value for Discovery (Marcia L. Conner)
[10] The Company as a Marketplace for Ideas: Simple but Not Easy (Alexander J. Ogg and Thomas Cummings)
[11] Knowledge Mapping: An Application Model for Organizations (Spencer Clark and Richard Mirabile)
[12] Just-in-Time Guidance (Calhoun W. Wick and Roy V. H. Pollock)
Part Three: Leaders Who Make a Difference
[13] 13. What Leading Executives Know -- and You Need to Learn (Howard J. Morgan)
[14] Rethinking Our Leadership Thinking: Choosing a More Authentic Path (Gary Heil and Linda Alepin)
[15] Learning at the Top: How CEOs Set the Tone for the Knowledge Organization (James F. Bolt and Charles Brassard)
[16] Unleash the Learning Epidemic (James Belasco)
[17] Leading: A Performing Learning Art (Alexander B. Horniman)
[18] What's the Big Idea? The "Little Things" That Build Great Leadership in Organizations (Lauren A. Cantlon and Robert P. Gandossy)
Part Four: Changes for the Future
[19] Learning Stored Forward: A Priceless Legacy (Betsy Jacobson and Beverly Kaye)
[20] Developing New Ideas for Your Clients -- and Convincing Them to Act (Andrew Sobel)
[21] Making Knowledge Move (Jon L. Powell)
[22] The Role of Change Management in Knowledge Management (Marc J. Rosenberg)
[23] Building Social Connections to Gain the Knowledge Advantage (Susan E. Jackson and Niclas L. Erhardt)
Part Five: Case Studies and Examples
[24] Some Key Examples of Knowledge Management (W. Warner Burke)
[25] Leadership and Access to Ideas (Allan R. Cohen)
[26] Capturing Ideas, Creating Information, and Liberating Knowledge (Peter Drummond-Hay and Barbara G. Saidel)
[27] Learning at the Speed of Flight (Fred Harburg)
[28] The Audacity of Imagination: How Lilly Is Creating "Research Without Walls" (Sharon Sullivan, Bryan Dunnivant, and Laurie Sachtleben).
[29] Developing a Learning Culture on Wall Street: One Firm's Experience (Steffen Landauer and Steve Kerr).

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