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Leading for Innovation: and Organizing for Results

by Frances Hesselbein, Marshall Goldsmith, Iain Somerville

Peter Drucker has defined innovation as "change that creates a new dimension of performance." In today's turbulent times, bringing about such change is one of the greatest challenges leaders face. This book is about what leaders can do to help their people and their organizations achieve this new dimension of performance.

As many of our authors note, innovation does not occur without significant challenge. Many people prefer to do things the way they have always done them, and change is not welcomed. Many innovations will fail; however, all agree that being open to innovative ideas, approaches, and systems is imperative if we are to survive both personally and professionally in today's fast-changing world. This book is for those leaders who will be successful in shaping the future because they are open to new ideas, new approaches, and new mind-sets.
To help today's leaders understand leading for innovation, we have gathered the top authors, practitioners, consultants, researchers, and thought leaders. Each author offers a unique viewpoint about the leadership of innovation. Some chapters explore the past; others cite current trends and theorize about the future. This combination presents an array of insight and knowledge for today's leaders. We hope that Leading for Innovation will inspire you, our reader, to make the changes that can make your world a better place.

Leading for Innovation: and Organizing for Results
Jossey-Bass , 2001
ISBN: 0787953598

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