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Leading Beyond the Walls

by Frances Hesselbein, Marshall Goldsmith, Iain Somerville

Leaders in the twenty-first century must be able to get the best from people within and beyond the walls of the organization. Leading Beyond the Walls offers inspiration and insight on building effective organizations that focus on their strengths and employ the resources of individuals, organizations, and communities beyond their walls. It will help all leaders to lead beyond the old boundaries, to forge partnerships that are essential in the tenuous period ahead.
Leading Beyond the Walls brings together a list of best-selling business writers, top consultants, and leading thought leaders such as Peter F. Drucker, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Regina Herzlinger, Frances Hesselbein, Noel Tichy, and more. Each contributor provides insight on new leadership imperatives. New approaches to management, strategy, and marketing, are forming each day. Leading Beyond the Walls is a guide to leading the effective organization today and in the increasingly networked economy to come.

Leading Beyond the Walls
Jossey-Bass , 2001
ISBN: 0787955558

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