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Leader to Leader: Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Drucker Foundation's Award-Winning Journal

by Frances Hesselbein, Paul M. Cohen

The challenges of today and tomorrow demand new ways of leading organizations, building collaborations, and creating communities. Starting with its premier issue, Leader to Leader has presented the best thinking of leaders, for leaders. This first collection brings together the timely but classic wisdom of world-renowned leaders, best-selling writers, legendary thinkers, and esteemed business philosophers.
Thirty-nine talented thinkers have contributed their knowledge and experience to this volume. Though the authors write from diverse perspectives and present their own thinking, they weave a coherent tapestry of themes. The chapters present a vital examination of mission, leadership, innovation, the discipline of transformation, and the building of effective, productive institutions. Behind these explorations is a deep belief in the humanity of the institutions, with emphasis on the leader's role in fulfilling the common purpose of all organizations, as stated by Peter Drucker, "to make the strengths of people effective and their weaknesses irrelevant."

Leader to Leader: Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Drucker Foundation's Award-Winning Journal
Jossey-Bass , 1999
ISBN: 0787947261

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Part One: On Leaders and Leadership
[1] "My Mentors' Leadership Lessons," Peter F. Drucker;
[2] "Managing in a World That is Round," Frances Hesselbein;
[3] "The Leader's Legacy," Max De Pree;
[4] "Ten Lessons from Presidents," Doris Kearns Goodwin;
[5] "Finding Your Leadership Voice," James M. Kouzes;
[6] "The Best Lesson in Leadership," Herb Kelleher.
Part Two: Leading Innovation and Transformation
[7] "The Discipline of Innovation" Peter F. Drucker;
[8] "The Practice of Innovation," Peter M. Senge;
[9] "Making Change Happen," John Kotter;
[10] "Strategic Innovation in the Quest for New Wealth," Gary Hamel and Jim Scholes;
[11] "Making Change Stick," Douglas K. Smith.
Part Three: Leadership in the New Information Economy
[12] "The Shape of Things to Come," Peter F. Drucker;
[13] "The Search for Meaning," Charles Handy;
[14] "Women and the New Economy," Sally Helgesen;
[15] "Aligning Corporate Culture to Maximize High Technology," Esther Dyson;
[16] "Goodbye, Command and Control," Margaret Wheatley;
[17] "The Soul of the Network Economy," Kevin Kelly.
Part Four: Competitive Strategy in a Global Economy
[18] "How Locals Can Win Global Contests," Rosabeth Moss Kanter;
[19] "Leadership Secrets of a Venture Capitalist," Ann Winblad;
[20] "Strategy in a World without Borders," Kenichi Ohmae;
[21] "The Success Syndrome," David A. Nadler and Mark B. Nadler.
Part Five: Leading for High Performance
[22] "The Habits of Effective Organizations," Stephen R. Covey;
[23] "GE's Collective Genius," Steven Kerr;
[24] "Aligning Action and Values," Jim Collins;
[25] "Building Companies Worthy of Devotion," Charlotte Beers;
[26] "The Mark of a Winner," Noel Tichy;
[27] "Creating an Energized Workplace," Bob Nelson;
[28] "The Real Keys to High Performance," Jeffrey Pfeffer;
[29] "Developing the Star Performer," Linda A. Hill;
[30] "Leading for the Long Term," Leonard L. Berry.
Part Six: Building Great Teams
[31] "The Secrets of Great Groups," Warren Bennis;
[32] "Making Teams Work at the Top," Jon R. Katzenbach;
[33] "Why Teams Don't Work," J. Richard Hackman;
[34] "Coaching for Better Teamwork," Marshall Goldsmith.
Part Seven: Leadership Across the Sectors
[35] "Leadership in the Cities," John W. Gardner;
[36] "Full Disclosure: A Strategy for Performance," Regina Herzlinger;
[37] "The Invisible Side of Leadership," James E. Austin.

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