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"Peter Drucker: An Intellectual Journey" To Air on CNBC Over Holidays

One-hour Documentary Traces the Life and Work of One of the Most Influential Writer/Thinkers of the 20th Century -- Peter Drucker

NEW YORK, November 22, 2002 -- As Marx invented Communism and Freud invented psychoanalysis, Peter Drucker invented the field of modern management. Through his 35 books and hundreds of seminal articles Drucker has had an enormous influence on the managers of corporations, nonprofits and government agencies around the world. Peter Drucker: An Intellectual Journey, a one-hour documentary written and directed by Ken Witty, traces Drucker's thinking from his earliest years in Vienna to his acknowledged position today as the "guru" of management. According to Drucker biographer Jack Beatty who appears in the documentary, "this writer has had more influence on the lives of human beings than any other writer of this (20th) century." Procter & Gamble's CEO A.G. Lafley calls Drucker the Babe Ruth and Ted Williams of management writers and consultants. GE's former CEO Jack Welch: " Management around the world owes a debt of gratitude to Drucker who devoted his life to clarifying the role of an organization in our society."

How did a European immigrant intellectual become the guru of American corporate management? The documentary follows Drucker's career spanning 75 years as he traveled from post-World War One Vienna to Germany where he was a journalist during the rise of the Nazis to London where he worked as an investment banker to the U.S. where he arrived in 1937. His ground-breaking study of General Motors in the 1940s set in motion a new career as consultant to corporations and father of modern management studies. Drucker's The Practice of Management is still the bible of all management books. His books on society and world affairs have been uncannily prescient. In 1969, The Age of Discontinuity outlined a new world of "knowledge workers" and "lifelong re-education". His latest book, Managing in the Next Society, sees the demise of the multinational corporation as we know it.

In his 90s Peter Drucker is still active, having published his latest book in mid-2002. Through a series of exclusive interviews the documentary provides a rare inside look into the mind of one of our most brilliant thinkers.

Peter Drucker: An Intellectual Journey will air on CNBC on the following dates:

  • Tuesday
December 24 7pm ET / 4pm PT and 10pm ET / 7pm PT
  • Wednesday
December 25 7pm ET / 4pm PT and 10pm ET / 7pm PT
  • Saturday
December 28 9pm ET / 6pm PT and 12 midnight ET / 9pm PT
  • Tuesday
December 31 7pm ET / 4pm PT and 10pm ET / 7pm PT
  • Wednesday
January 1 7pm ET / 4pm PT and 10pm ET / 7pm PT

Production of the documentary was made possible by funding from Robert Buford, Halftime.org, The Humana Foundation, Jossey-Bass, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Yamazaki Baking Company.

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